TOP 5 body positive people you must follow!

Nowadays, when something goes wrong, when I feel sad or when I start to bring myself down for some reason – I turn to my favourite bloggers/influencers for help. And no, I don’t text them like a little crazy fan. I go through their accounts, look at their photos and it somehow makes me better. Something in their Instagram posts and blog posts gets me in a better mood and I start to believe in myself again.

I made a little list of top 5 people on Instagram I love and appreciate. You probably already know then, but I wanna give them my own shout out and explain why I love them so much.

1.Michelle Elman.

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CUSTOMISING SELF LOVE I haven’t done a bit of coaching on here in a while so here it is. We all have a preference when it comes to our senses and an easy way to tell is which phrase feels more natural to you or do you use the most? “I hear you” “I understand what you are feeling” “I see what you are saying” If it’s the first, you are an auditory person so when it comes to affirmations and positive mantras, record them as a voice note and listen to them every day. You will also respond most to music so create an empowering playlist but make sure the lyrics are 100% positive cause your unconscious mind is listening so no “you don’t know your beautiful and that’s what makes you beautiful” 😂 If it’s the second, you are a kinaesthetic person. You will respond better to placing your hand on your heart or stroking your arms with the opposite hand from your shoulder to your elbows. If you are the third, you are a visual person. Put post it’s up all over your house! That can be a post it on your laptop saying “done is better than perfect” or one on your mirror that says “you are more than your beauty”. All of these techniques work for everyone, I use all of them but if you are going to do one, make it the one with your strongest sense. My strongest is kinaesthetic and I say “I feel you” a lot. What’s yours? • Dress: @monki (gifted)

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It’s my number one person. Her posts always make me happy and when I look at her smile – the smile appears on my face too. Her posts connect with me on another level. She’s a confident, powerful influencer and gave me hope when I first found her on Instagram. Hope that I will love myself someday as much as she loves herself. You can find her typing in @scarrednotscared in the search engine or just click here for a site to take you to her Instagram profile.

2.Megan Jayne Crabbe

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📸: @lindablacker 🌸 Someone said to me a few years ago that it must be easier to accept your body when you're in a long term relationship. I didn't know how to respond – I'd never had to navigate body acceptance as a single person before. Would dating feel like putting my body up for approval again & again? Would I fall back into judging if I'm enough by whether they want me? What happens when they don't? I've been back in that world for a little while, and I'm more sure of this than ever: It's wonderful to be wanted – but you are worthy of an acceptance that is so much steadier than whether they want you. Now I have new chances to sink deeper into wanting myself, into accepting this body for myself. Every time they don't choose me is a chance to choose myself. Every time they don't worship me is a chance to leave. Every time they tell me I'm not their type is a chance to decide that I'm my own type. Every night I sleep alone is a chance to hold myself more lovingly. Every time I'm not wanted is a chance to believe that my worth is deeper than whether they want me. Was it easier when I was in a relationship? No. Because even then being wanted was never enough – truly accepting this body could only come from me. And now I refuse to give someone else the power to take that away. I've worked too hard to build this, by myself and for myself. This is mine. And it will not be shaken by something as temporary as whether they want me, because I will always be there to want me if they don't. 💜💙💚🌈☀️ • [Image description: a photo by @lindablacker of Megan sat on a bare wooden floor, hugging her legs into her body, she's nude, not wearing make-up and her hair is pulled back. There are flowers standing against the white cupboards behind her] #bodypositive #selflove #bodyconfidence #selfworth #bodyacceptance #bodyposi #bodypositivity

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This woman is what I call “three P” – powerful, passionate and pure. She is the biggest idol for me. I struggled with my body image pretty much whole life and now I feel it’s easier and easier everyday to accept me and my jiggly body. Her posts is what first made me wear a bikini to the beach when I was younger. I am forever grateful for her amazing persona and I can’t thank her enough for how she helped me in life. You can find her at @bodyposipanda or click right here to go to her Instagram profile.

3. Jazzmyne Jay

Some of you probably heard about Jazzmyne via BuzzFeed where she works with four different women. Their channel name is Ladylike – don’t be afraid to watch their videos. Jazzmyne is the funniest and the most bizarre (in a good way) person. I absolutely love her make up and her style. She is inspiring, funny and the boldest person I’ve ever discovered. Her confidence is infectious. She’s my top three for a reason and the reason is – she reflects lots of my own personality traits. You can find her on Instagram typing @jazzmynejay or just click the link here.

4.Natalie Drue

She’s the most honest person I followed not so long ago. I’ve been watching her YouTube videos too. She’s a pure, lovely woman. Her posts make my jaw drop because she’s so beautiful and she wears her skin with pride. Her fashion choices are bold but so perfect. I love her so much and I’d love to be friends with her, so Natalie – hit me up? You can find her on Instagram @nataliemeansnice or click the link here. You can also find her YouTube account here.

5.Callie Thrope

Now, Callie is one person that I followed totally unaware how cute she is. I just followed her from “suggested” portion of Instagram and I kinda forgot. Then I saw her posts and I fell in love with her. She’s beautiful, confident, loving person that helps a lot of people (including me) with how to love you body and how to be happy. She’s my TOP 5 for sure. You can find her Instagram at @calliethorpe or by clicking this link here.

I hope that you will follow them and love them as much as I love them! And I hope that I won’t get suspended by sharing their profiles on my blog. It was a very fun blog post to write. I had so much fun picking the right photos to embed here.

Stay Positive!

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