January 2020 – life update!

Good evening, everyone! I hope your day is good and full of positive thoughts! I would like you to say HI to the new, upgraded me that wants this blog to be a success again.

There’s a lot that I’d like to share with you in today’s post! There’s a reason behind me being so inactive and posts not being uploaded – I MOVED HOUSES! I t was an absolute nerve wrecking experience for me but we made it and I actually love being on my own. It’s peaceful. It’s perfect.

Honestly, I missed writing very much and I’d love to go back to it this year. I couldn’t really do it because of stress and time but I hope you all will motivate me as much as possible with your lovely comments and awful lot of likes. I am excited to set new goals and reach to them in those long 12 months.

First things first – Happy New Year! We survived another year. Give yourself a good pat on your shoulder. We made it. We’re alive and well. We will focus on giving out as much love as we can and be body positive!

I was thinking about my future goals lately and I have four for year 2020:

  • start blogging more, focus on different topics that I can write about and make it more interesting
  • find a new job, preferably the one I will make more money from
  • pass my practical driving exam with flying colours
  • lose weight and feel healthier than I do right now

More blogging, different topics

As you already know, I mainly write about body positivity and body image. This year I’d like to focus on different topic as well. I recently started a bullet journal and I’m absolutely amazed how much it helped me to focus on what’s positive and that’s good in my life. I started with small things like doodles and 5 minute diary. And now I’m planning my whole life in it. I plan my budget, my holidays, my days – basically anything you can plan about. I want to spare some time for writing about how to make a bullet journal that fits everyone. Also, I’d love to write movies and TV series reviews – I think it would be interesting to share opinions about them. Maybe a little interior design too?

Find a new job

That’s a decision that I made not awhile ago. Me and my boyfriend had decided to move houses! It was a stressful process for me and I’m glad it is already over and that we are on our own now. I was thinking about all the bills and rent we need to pay and realised that money I make at my current job might not be enough. I started searching for another job and I found some good ones, very similar to the job I do right now but for more money and better hours – what’s not to like?

Pass my practical driving exam

On November 5th 2019 I passed my theory test for the first time! I was very happy about that! Now I am attending driving lessons. I have the best driving instructor in the whole world – she’s funny, she understands me and my stress level when I drive. She makes me calm and her golden rule is “it happened, we talk about it, we forget”. She uses every time I make mistake and I’m awfully glad that she is as I am the person that likes to cling to the things that I did wrong. Passing my driving test is important as it is required for the job I am searching for, too. So, wish me luck and I will keep you updated!

Lose weight and feel healthier

Let me stop you right there. I know you probably think – but you are supposed to be body positive! I am. And I am not losing weight because I think I’m fat. I want to lose it so I will feel better. In the past I had some health issues, troubles with my weight. This time I want to do it right. I want to make myself a little bit more energised, happy and alive. I want to eliminate my back problems by moving little bit more and being more active. So it has nothing to do with being body positive. It’s more about my health and being.

Those are four goals I want to achieve this year. I hope it will all be done by the end of this year! I want to feel fulfilled and happy with the results so wish me luck and I hope to see you later!

REMINDER: Blog post will pop up every two-three days, as I need some time to edit, check and make them beautiful and worth it! Also, I work part time so I might not have as much time as you think I do so please, be patient and check back again in couple of days x

Monika x

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